Best Apps for AR (Augmented Reality) on iPhone

Augmented reality is the technology in which the things present in the physical world can be augmented by the help of desktop produced perception. It envelops with the number of sensory elements like the sensation of visual, auditory, and many more. These huge sensory effects can be constructive as it gives the addition to nature and destructive also it replicates nature. AR is distinguished from VR (Virtual Reality) as AR varies your perception for reality and the real world. But in the case of VR, it replaces the physical world with a model of simulation. You can experience the AR without having expensive accessories, unlike VR.

Best Augmented Reality Apps on iPhone

AR is generally equipped with the number of specific applications that allows you to look at stuff via device camera. These applications can add the data which are sent from the network to the photos being displayed. The foremost example of AR is Pokémon Go game, Vivino app etc. Some of the applications of AR can use featured tools like GPS (Global Positioning System), Wifi networking system. Here are some of the apps listed below:

1. Amikasa App

In this app, you can do the shopping of furniture which suite your place comfortably. Here, the superimposition of the furniture can be availed into the room.

2. Makeup Genius App

It can enable you to have experience of makeup items or the different kinds of looking styles for facial makeup without putting it on the face. Here, you can impart the makeup to the selfies for imagining the new different looking.

3. Pokémon Go

It is an AR game in which you have to find the place of Pokemon those are hidden worldwide. You can provide the training to them and even combat with them via smartphone with its equipped camera.

4. Vivino App

You can take the photos of wine bottles that you take, and Vivino identifies it. In this app, you can rate wines for making the taste recognition and tracking the most loved one.

5. Zombies GO! App

It is similar to Pokémon Go, but you can replace Pokémon with the zombies. In this, you will find the zombies in front of you with the physical world.

6. Dance Reality App

It guides you for dancing on the floor with different steps needed to be in-line with the music track. There are many options available such as checking the dance steps’ speed, choosing out of the main dancer or follower and various track style.     

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